What we do

PC got a virus, running slow or a dreaded blue screen of death? Picked up your sweet new PC but setting it up is giving you trouble? New cell phone just too complicated? Did your internet provider not set up your home internet or have had problems since? Got a shiny new home theatre system but don't have the know how to put it all together? I can help you!


Contact us

You can get ahold of us best through email at gadgetguysprucegrove@gmail.com

However we can also be reached by phone at





Depending on difficulty and time necessary the job will be put into a relevant payment tier. as well as $30 for the service call, which includes me showing up at your door and finding out what the problem is.

Service call - $30

Tier 1 - $20

Tier 2 - $40

Tier 3 - $50

Tier 4 - Estimate based on potential work

Customer Referrals

Ricki - Glow Salon and Spa

The service was excellent, quick, and very professional. He was very knowledgable and gave great communication to us about what was wrong and what he was doing to fix the problem.

Thanks, Ricki


Brennan installed my new bose home theater surround sound system, it sounds great and it didn't take him very long.

the price was very reasonable and I would recommend him to any one who was to hire him

Thanks again Brennan



We had some electronic work done (TV) and have come across a fantastic local guy that is amazing.

He goes the extra mile to help - will highly recommend him!